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How a natural disaster turned into a small, spa retreat

The July 2013 storm flooded my mother’s bungalow. She was one of hundreds of thousands to find approximately four feet of water in the basement. You or someone you know may have been in a similar position.

Very little was salvaged from the flood. It took months to clean and renovate the damaged basement.

Renovating the bathroom was one of the many projects I took on.

‎The dated bathroom from the ‘80s got a facelift. The oversized, wooden cabinet was torn out, the tiles ripped out and toilet replaced.

The look of the new bathroom is now modern and with a spa-like feel. Muted grey, porcelain tiles for the floor, white subway tiles for the stand-up shower and Benjamin Moore, London Fog paint for the walls.

Bathroom Faucet
Bathroom Faucet

A new, espresso-coloured cabinet from IKEA was installed, with white sink, a chrome faucet and matching oval mirror.

The finishing touches included fluffy, white towels to match the trim, a soft, smoky grey bath mat and lavender hand soap.

What started out as a disaster slowly turned into a retreat.

Renovated Bathroom
Renovated Bathroom