When decorating a room, where do you splurge?


To renovate or not to renovate?

The little voice in the back of my head keeps nagging me. About ‘what’ you ask. Whether or not to renovate the basement bathroom?

When I bought this house in 2010 I had mapped out a detailed five-year renovation plan.

My plan included painting the entire house from top to bottom, replacing all but one light fixture (the only one I liked), retiling the main bathroom floor, installing crown moulding and wainscoting in the living room and dining room, removing the old deck in the backyard and replacing it with a stone patio, as well as renovating the basement bathroom.

The list is almost finished. But there is still one item left on the ‘To Do’ list without a check mark next to it. The basement bathroom.

Do I want to go from this?

Current bathroom
Current bathroom

To this?

Designer bathroom
Designer bathroom

Bathroom renovations don’t come cheap.

So, do I go ahead and gut the bathroom and start from scratch? Or do I salvage what I can and update only what is necessary? I’m torn. Some days, I am ready to demo the old outdated bathroom and other days I think a fresh coat of paint, new light fixture and vanity will do.

But then the little voice returns.

A newly renovated bathroom will increase the value of my home. Which leads me down another path and another question, do I sell or do I stay?