Unexpected home renovations

Sometimes home renovations aren’t planned.

Two weeks ago, I sat down to dinner with my husband. I looked up and out the back window. And that’s when I first saw it.

A small, thin crack in one of the two kitchen windows.

The bitterly, cold temperatures that had gripped much of southern Ontario this winter had taken a toll on my old windows. Over the next few frigid days, the tiny crack spread like a snake from the bottom window sill up to the top.

Cracked Kitchen Window
Cracked Kitchen Window

And so it began. Phone calls were made to window installers. appointments booked and quotes received.

Then the question came up. Since we’re replacing the back window, should we also install a new back door and storm door? Our old ones are drafty.

Replacing the back window has now turned into a bigger project. A project that wasn’t on our “To Do” list. But it has to be done.

So, we’re biting the bullet and replacing both the kitchen window and door. Today, we met with the manufacturer. This is the same company that replaced my mother’s windows, two years ago, after one of her bedroom windows cracked.

We’ve decided on an energy-efficient, triple pane glass window for the kitchen and a simple white, back door with an internal grill. No need to replace the storm door because the new door comes with a built-in screen. But both have to be custom made. Now we wait until installation day.

It’s all part of owning a home.

 Have you been in a similar situation? Has a small, minor project turned into a bigger renovation job?



2 thoughts on “Unexpected home renovations

  1. Unfortunately, yes. I discovered some black mold in a couple of areas of the house so much spraying and daily cleaning (not just the room affected) ensued. Then we decided to tear out the drywall and re-drywall so we had to get a contractor. When the wall was torn down it was discovered that there was practically no insulation (no wonder I was so darn cold) and water had seeped in from outside. So I’d like to say we added insulation but apparently the space between the interior wall and the outside wall was too small – even for spray foam (old house)! So the contractor dry-walled it and much spraying and daily cleaning occurred again. Then I did a quick paint job. And I mean quick – I was sick at the time and the contractor didn’t do painting, so I eyeballed the colour instead of matching it to paint samples (I did a pretty good match except I didn’t know paint dries darker on the wall). I also touched up the hallway which had some bangs and scrapes. A few months later my roomie demanded a repaint job because of the mismatch. I ended up having the affected room, the hallway and the den (unaffected, but I got a professional painter in this time) painted.

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