Top paint trends for 2015

I grew up in a mostly beige house. My parents shied away from colour.

When I was a teen, I painted my bedroom mint green. In my first condo, I experimented with accent walls. And in my first home, I picked steel grey for my kitchen.

Choosing a paint colour is easy for some and overwhelming for others. It can be hard to image what your room will look like from a small paint chip. There are so many paint colours it can be confusing. And then there’s the fear of picking the wrong colour and having to live with it.

Paint chips
Paint chips

Nowadays, the experts are making it easier to pick paint colours.

Benjamin Moore has chosen Guilford Green as the colour of the year and describe it as a silvery green that works with everything. The colour was on display at the International Design Show inToronto.

Guilford Green
Guilford Green

Para Paints has selected Spectrolite as its colour of the year. It is a deep shade of celestial blue.

While Farrow & Ball picked paler colours for the trends of 2015, including Pink Ground, Light Blue and Breakfast Room Green.

While BEHR shows off Essential Teal, Secret Blush and Sonic Blue in the 2015 Colour and Style trends video.

Deciding on a wall colour is personal. You know the colours you love instantly by the way they make you feel.

What colours do you tend to stick with?


2 thoughts on “Top paint trends for 2015

  1. Mostly neutral colours, although I tried to paint one room a colour that would remind me of the Caribbean ocean. Didn’t quite work out — looked more blue than anything unless enough sun hit the walls.

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  2. I once hired a professional painting company to paint my living room and dining room. They painted it the ‘wrong’ colour and had to repaint the space. It took an extra two days to complete.


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